jesus-maintenance2Banyan Tree Landscape encourages you to use professional maintenance to provide scheduled grooming and oversight for your newly constructed, planted, and irrigated materials. Plant health and beauty is often a function of regular maintenance. Many plants require pruning for a healthy growth habit and form. A professional maintenance person should be knowledgeable in lawn care and weeding, and be someone who will pay attention to clean-up details.

Attention to detail is important. For example, many new plants may be tied to a stake; at some point the tie should be loosened so as not to cut into the plant, and eventually the stake should be removed altogether. Any vertical plant material climbing up a trellis, wall, or fence, also requires attention. Let us know if you would like us to provide you with such personalized attention to detail in your gardens.

Banyan Tree Landscape offers such services through our in-house maintenance team. Jesus Vasquez leads the team, and plays a critical hand in actualizing our landscapes. From weeding, pruning and lawn care to fertilization and managing irrigation systems, one thing we can count on customer call back telling us that Jesus is wonderful.

We are also happy to provide any of you home gardeners with information to make your gardening experience more enjoyable.