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Shade Arbor Cools Ashland Landscape Design.

Shade arbor construction  cools plants and home from summer heat.  Ashland landscape design by Kerry KenCairn combines aesthetic architecture with daily function to create a sanctuary for a cool glass of tea on a hot summer day. Using locally harvested and milled incense cedar lumber and a solid structural footing these structures are built to [...]

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Do It Yourself Irrigation System

Banyan Tree Landscape Construction LLC has successfully completed 3 do it yourself irrigation systems in conjunction with willing homeowners.  In response to current economic conditions,  We have cut the cost of irrigation systems nearly in half for homeowners willing to participate in the installation process. The process begins with onsite interview of the homeowner's current [...]

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Landscape Management a Resilient Approach

Banyan Tree Landscape Construction is moving at landscape management from a holistic approach.  We first examine the whole landscape system and design to determine the appropriate time and schedule for your individual needs.  We consider the all the living components of your landscape, from the soil, lawn, plants, shrubs, trees to the pets, wildlife, and [...]

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Recycled and Refurbished Paver Patio

We put the best face forward, that being the face of the pavers that were facing the earth the last twenty years.  We gifted the elder bricks of this homestead with a solid foundation (4" of compacted gravel) and young and colorful soldier course for protection and viola!  A new look for the next twenty [...]

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Creating Resilient Landscapes

As I sought out new ways to express the core beliefs and practices of Banyan Tree Landscape, I was drawn to honesty and integrity. The problem was that every one claims these attributes in business and they have little to do with actual landscape. No matter how important honesty and integrity are in business these [...]

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Nell and the Sombreuil Rose

Through my college career I majored in Natural Resource Conservation and Management.  The diverse science curriculum allowed for wonderful discoveries in many fields from cellular biology to forestry and organic chemistry.  Amongst the massive academic material I covered some very simple and potent understandings "a rose".  The one that I was reminded of today by [...]

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Welcome to Banyan Tree Landscape Construction's blog! Come here to get more in-depth information about resilient landscape design, insights into our process and stories about some of our projects. Please leave comments and feel free to ask questions, but know that you can also ask questions and participate more actively on our Forum page. Thanks [...]

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