This bubbling rock fountain was a gift from a loving Husband to his life long companion in a Medford, OR landscape, enyoy Joni.  The 1600 pound boulder has a cut face showing the grey agate patterns accenting the masonry from the surrounding landscape design.  Look deeper into our website to discover other landscape water fountain ideas, or Call Andrew 541.944.0943 for a free consult and estimate to create the water feature of your dreams.

Banyan Tree Landscape pays close attention to the design, placement, and appropriate form of water features.  All to often water features feel inappropriate, misplaced, or oversized.  A carefully planned landscape fountain can the soothing sounds of water to you home sanctuary.  Care full placement of boulders, rocks, and controlling the rate of water flow allows us to tune the healing voice of water.  We insure you that our designs will consider, maintenance, and repair so that the fountain may last decades and longer with proper care and updating pumps with time.  Included in the installation is an auto-fill device to maintain appropriate water levels through the warm summer months.

A rock fountain may be a gratifying addition to your Medford, Ashland, or Jacksonville, Oregon landscape.  Let Banyan Tree Landscape design and install the right water feature for your home so that you too may enjoy the soothing voice of water.   To see more videos of our water features go to BanyanTreeLandscape YouTube Channel, also