Banyan Tree Landscape specializes in concrete pavers  for stairs, pathways, patios, and driveways in Medford, Ashland, and Jacksonville, Oregon.  The available colors, finishes, sizes, and patterns can truly accent your home and landscape.  We  find that it’s the little details that makes the difference in paver installation.  Carefully planning and landscape design makes a lot of difference in the finished product.  Call Andrew Markham, lead Landscape Contractor,  today for a free estimate and consult at 541.944.0943.  Please peruse our portfolio and hardscape portion of the website at

Where does the careful and professional design and planning make the difference?  Let us count a few ways.  One of my favorites is choosing a pattern that fits the size and shape of the paving surface, or better yet size the path or patio allow full expression of the pattern.  A second way is allow for a border to frame the pattern.  As with so much art the right frame contains and accents the color and pattern superbly.  A third manner that thoughtful consideration of the site pays off is through proper grading plan.  The grading plan allows an understanding of all fixed grades (concrete surfaces, doors, existing patios) that the paved surface must meet and the most fluid way to get there.  Graceful transition of grades and slopes is critical in professional paver patio installation. We have a have a lot more secrets to create express this art form and we would love to help create your dreams.

Through years of experience and the highly talented crew Banyan Tree Landscape offers premium concrete paver installation in Medford, Ashland, and Jacksonville, OR.  Go to your local distributor (Leave Your Mark, Hilton Fuel, Willamete Graystone) and look at the various displays to see what appeals to you.  Then call the experts to complete the design and install your pavers in a professional manner that will last a lifetime.  Call Banyan Tree Landscape Construction LLC, 541.944.0943