Banyan Tree Landscape Construction, LLC designs and installs irrigation systems suited for each site and owners needs. From small residential lots to diverse agricultural applications, to commercial systems Banyan Tree has installed resilient systems throughout the Rogue Valley, including locations in Williams, Talent, Ashland, and Medford. We guarantee our irrigation systems for a full 2 years from installation date and stand behind our design abilities.

Beyond the obvious site specific considerations we also weigh heavily upon the individual needs as well. Will you be maintaining the system? Do you expect to adjust run times throughout the season? Are you willing to make drip irrigation repairs or add additional emitters? This is just a sample of the questions we consider before designing your system.

All too often we find irrigation systems with poor design and future considerations that must be abandoned. Our goal of resilience creates systems that are solid in construction and adaptable to the dynamics a landscape. We implement water-conserving techniques from distribution methods to modern irrigation controllers, adjusting water amounts daily with on site weather readings. Below is a list of recommended methods and components. Please feel free to contact us with any irrigation questions from design to repairs.


We have found the Hunter Pro-C and ICC to be suitable controllers for most applications. Our favorite feature is the simplicity in programming for the home owner. We also are recommending for both water conservation and maximizing plant health, the compatible Solar Synch weather station optimizing run times through onsite weather readings.


Filtration is a key component to dirty water irrigaiton systems (ponds, TID, organic fertilizer siphon systems, etc.). Sizing and appropriate filtration techniques are a necessity. From sand filteration systems to simple drip filters we will recommend what is the correct method for you situation. We also insist upon installing high quality Rainbird dirty water irrigation valves.


Overhead water methods of irrigation provide even coverage and require the least maintenance. With proper design and programming of run times sprinkler systems often feel more resilient and sustainable than drip systems. MP Rotator nozzles provide an excellent water conserving method of overhead water for smaller areas. For larger lawns or pastures we step up Rainbird rotors from the 5000, 5505, or 6504.


Ideal for small spaces and low water situations low flow irrigation waters at the soil surface via driplines buried slightly below the surface. We install these systems that is hidden from the eye as much as possible. All to often improperly installed drip lines are piled in trucks headed for the dump, or an distraction awful distraction from the beauty a landscape. Our installation techniques achieves discreet distribution, accurate watering, and minimizes mechanical damage. We utilize Rainbird pressure compensating drip emitters, Toro ½” distribution lines, and minimize the use of ¼” spaghetti tube.

Bubblers are a nice medium for small areas and water conserving requirements with out the maintenance required of drip irrigation. As each bubbler nozzle is hard piped to the individual plant and is largely protected from mechanical damage.

Container plant zone is a favorite feature that optimizes the health through accurate watering of container plants. Through discrete piping about you property we can connect your container plants from hanging baskets to ripe summer tomatoes.


Banyan Tree Landscape Construction has designed and installed multiple agricultural systems. Green house systems, irrigation pumps, filtration systems, row crop/drip tape systems, pasture irrigation, orchard irrigation, to vine crops. We work closely with the farmers to provide the most efficient, long lasting and cost effective method to supply water to their individual crops.