Banyan Tree Landscape Construction is moving at landscape management from a holistic approach.  We first examine the whole landscape system and design to determine the appropriate time and schedule for your individual needs.  We consider the all the living components of your landscape, from the soil, lawn, plants, shrubs, trees to the pets, wildlife, and of course the human component.  In addition, we cross refernce this information with the seasons and seasonal changes within the landscape system.  Through this broader lense we devolop a landscape maintenance plan that suits the system as a whole.

We utilize a team approach to maximize effectiveness of our efforts at your home or buisness.  Through the right combination of service professionals, including our irrigation specialest, lawn and weed control crew, our pruning and plant health specialist, and landscape design professiona, will will set forward a course to actualize the potential of your landscape.

We prefer the term landscape management to maintenance as our goals are not to maintain but to create a healthful environment that will continually evolve into a sanctuary for you and your family.  Call now for a free onsite landscape review with landscape contractor, Andrew Markham to create a plan that is right for you.