Banyan Landscape Construction is pleased to offer complete landscape service for Ashland, Medford, and Jacksonville, Oregon.  With a full array of services and contracts available our landscape management program strives to actualize to potential of each home.  Our operation again follows the company motto of resiliency.  Through individual plant care, precise irrigation adjustments, established pruning cycles, nutrient enrichment of the soils through organic fertilizers, bark mulch we will bring your landscape into a thriving ecosystem.

Unfortunately, so many maintenance companies, simply mow, blow and go.  The pruning that does occurs is with broad strokes of a hedge trimmer.  We strive to bring out the true character and form of your landscape with individual attention to each species of plants.  In addition, our irrigation specialist will keep a close eye on the function and effectiveness of your irrigation.  We often start a new contract with several months of getting up to date and making recommended improvements to the homeowner.  Once current, you will see immediate improvements to your lawn and landscape.

We have grown to provide landscape service to Ashland, Medford, and Jacksonville, OR.  We are really excited about our landscape maintenance program look forward to beautifying the Rogue Valley through care and consideration.  Please Call us today for a free estimate and consultation.  Andrew Markham, principle Landscape Contractor, 541-944-0943