This landscape waterfall and recirculating stream with alternating ponds and waterfalls is a perfect example of an outdoor water feature for your landscape, in Medford, Ashland or Jacksonville, Oregon.  Banyan Tree Landscape Construction installed these natural stone cascading waterfalls and subtle pools at an Ashland home in 2006, with water feature design support by landscape architect Bonnie Bayard.  Careful consideration of the recirculating stream’s layout allowed for the water feature to maintain a natural feel as it was sunk into an existing drainage basin.  Call Andrew Markham at 541.944.0943 for a free consult and estimate for a landscape waterfall for your Southern Oregon home.  “Like” us on Facebook at to see current projects from custom masonry to our newest rock fountain, or simply peruse the website to see more images of fountains, waterfalls, pondless waterfalls, landscape recirculating streams, and more landscape water features.

Banyan Tree Landscape Construction LLC highly values the details in all our water features installed.  It is these small details that truly make the difference in a nice landscape and an exceptional landscape.  We strive for excellence and know that it shows in our years of projects and satisfied clients.  Let us point out some of the details that point to this excellence in this featured recirculating water feature.  One of the most important details we emphasize is a natural look.  To mimic nature’s beauty and serenity with careful placement and selection of the stones.  Building a waterfall of the spill rocks is another place of importance to us.  We aim for a flow of water that is natural and has a sound that calms the spirit.  Just the right placement of river rocks, and spill rocks can essential tune the water and create soft and subtle ripples that can rock you to sleep.  We size our waterfall pumps appropriately to allow the right flow of water to create these sounds and ripples.  Appropriate plant placement along the banks again adds to the natural feel with cascading branches and textures to add to the aesthetic appeal to these backyard water features.  You will never see the liner or inlet pipes in our natural landscape ponds, pools, and water features.

A recirculating waterfall and stream may not be appropriate for your backyard landscape.  That is where our landscape design expertise can support you in determining the right use of water for you home.  From bird bath fountains, to bubbling rock fountains, pondless waterfalls, most every landscape has a size and form of water feature that will enhance your enjoyment of your home.  We have several examples of landscape waterfalls in Medford, Ashland, Jacksonville, OR.  Call Andrew for more information and a free consult and estimate, 541.944.0943.