Natural stone stairs and retaining wall in a Medford, Oregon landscape creating an entirely new approach to the front entry.  Banyan Tree Landscape Construction LLC created another front entry transformation to allow a set inviting stairs and natural stone pathway to the front door.  Hand picked and locally mined basalt stones using an age old family tool of Carlos and Mario “the rock hammer” to carefully shape and place each stone in a manner only seen by the finest of stone masons.   A continuum of basalt patio stone creates the natural stone pathway to the entrance.

Banyan Tree Landscape begins our landscape and hardscape design with encouraging our potential clients to call Andrew for an free initial consult where we can get a feel for the possibilities for your home.  We then reccomend the client to spend some time perusing the numerous images available on our website portfolio ( to find what is most appealing.  We then shape a design based on each individuals physical needs, personal tastes, and budget.  We can accommodate a landscape design for a range of financial capabilities.

Natural stone stairs and retaining walls are available to you in Medford, Ashland, and Jacksonville, Oregon by Banyan Tree Landscape.  We would love to meet you and would like to extend our Free initial consult and estimate to those local to our Area.  Call Andrew Markham and 541.944.0943 for to schedule your initial consult.