Why Resilient Landscapes?

Even today, with the Green Revolution well under way and sustainable practices a goal of more and more people, we still see landscape designs that reflect the disposable society of the past, where longevity was not considered.

Banyan Tree Landscape Construction, LLC sees resiliency—using methods, materials, and design that truly will stand the test of time and nature—as the greenest of all movements. We strive to create a natural landscape system in a way that will flourish in time.

From retaining walls and patio installation methods built upon solid foundation to organic soil amendments which provide a bountiful habitat for plant life, our design process starts with professional quality products installed with the highest of standards.

Sprinkler systems are installed not only for current, but future needs as well. We consider every step of the way how to provide a landscape that will not only show immediate results but improve with maturity. We provide landscape maintenance service and consulting to help our clients actualize their landscape’s potential. Through our methods we will leave you with a resilient outcome that will adapt to the changing times and only get better with age.

Explore our portfolio to see the numerous examples of our resilient landscapes.