Water Features

The soothing sound of moving water can create a sanctuary for you to enjoy daily. From simple cast fountains to flowing streams with waterfalls to natural filtered swimming pools, properly installed water features can truly enhance your landscape.

Features should naturally blend to the landscape, not stand out as an aberration.

And getting your water features done right from the beginning is an essential step which Banyan Tree Landscape Construction, LLC excels at providing.

Several critical features must be considered in designing water features to create resiliency in your products:

  • How will the water feature be winterized?
  • Will the feature run during the winter?
  • How will it be cleaned?
  • How will repairs be made (pump replacement, etc)?
  • What method of balancing the flora and fauna of the water will be used?
  • Where does the overflow of water go?
  • How will the feature be replenished with water loss from evaporation.