Banyan Tree Landscape Construction utilizes a combination of approaches to create a resilient landscape to meet our client’s needs. By combining native plants to Medford, Ashland, and Southern Oregon, with drought tolerant species, and traditional landscape favorites we create a unique and beautiful environment. We draw from traditional, sustainable, organic, a permaculture principles to develop own style of resilient landscaping.


Plant installation begins with proper soil preparation. We use only the highest quality of certified organic compost in out planters. Depending upon the native soils health we may further amend the soil with coconut fiber to add organic matter and water holding capacity. We top dress with all purpose mycorrhizal inoculated fertilizer. If required we remove the native soil and import fine agricultural topsoil.


We purchase our plant material from local nurseries and growers when ever possible. We will go the extra step to find the right plants for you. From rare and unique varieties available at Siskiyou Rare Plant Nursery to Plant Oregon’s locally grown trees, to specimen quality trees shipped in from Salem and Portland nurseries depending upon the clients needs. We plant with the utmost care and guarantee our plantings for 1 year. (See guarantee details here.)


We would love to stay in touch with our landscapes to encourage their actualization. We offer a array of maintenance services from a seasonal consult to regular maintenance schedule. We will insure through proper irrigation management, pruning and fertilizing your landscape will bloom into its bountiful potential.